Structures That Require No Foundations

These are structures that are made in America. Thanks to their design, the clear span fabric structures have that fresh-looking feel about it. Spacious, all interior space is maximized. This is thanks to the elimination of centralized poles and other support structures usual to the resurrection of tent-like temporary structures. Enjoyment of a controlled climate is possible in the sense that it is possible to keep warm inside during winter months and cool during warm summer months. Harsh weather conditions can always be withstood under the rooves of these formidable and hardy structures.

clear span fabric structures

Clear span fabric structures are built with snow loading capabilities. They have been put through their paces at wind speeds of between seventy to eight-five miles per hour. And as this article’s heading has highlighted, these structures require no foundations. This means that they can be resurrected on any surface; asphalt, concrete or grass. But not on the lake. These are portable buildings that can be utilized temporarily for all occasions.

And when the tent revival or wedding reception is over, these ‘tents’ can be dismantled quickly enough. But for longer-term events, say a trade fair, it is possible to keep these tent structures intact with little need for any maintenance. Incredibly, these portable structures come in at multi-story levels as well. Otherwise the clear span fabric structures are categorized as frame tents and tension pole tents.

A small, twenty-two-degree structure is easy to install. It has a flexible design making it ideal for any occasion or worksite. The fabric slides into a channel within an extruded aluminum beam. This is what allows for superior performances at the height of extreme weather conditions. The structure can be expanded simply by adding modular bays. Indeed; structures that require no foundations.